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Winning at Birth Aug 2018
Breastfeeding is a Womens' Issue
Dumb Remarks
Dumb Ad goat's milk
Perspective and Normalcy
Priorities on the maternity unit
Free booklets are not free
Safe Levels of melamine
Is There any Point in Breastfeeding Longer Than 1 Year?
Impact of Birthing Practices on Breastfeeding from Lamaze-ICEA Megaconference 2010 ImpactofBirthPracticesonBreastfeeding_LamazeICEA2010
Swaddling:  A Historical, Cultural, and Lactational Perspective

Swaddling USLCA webinar 2011 SMITH and References Swaddling of Infants

Safe Sleep vs. Breastfeeding: Why is this issue still Controversial?  Poster for APHA 2013
Facts about SIDS, Suffocation, and Sleep-related Infant Deaths Testimony before the Ohio Senate, Oct. 2013
Bedsharing,Co-Sleeping,SIDS,Smothering June 2008 presentation
Don't Shake the Milk
Don't Rub Breastmilk into "sore" nipples
How Human Milk Is Made 2018
My pump isn't working
LongTerm Pumping 2018
Guidelines For Rapid Reduction of Milk Supply
Touch Hunger
Coach Smith's Rules for Breastfeeding Helper
The Knack of Hand Expression
What Goes in Must Come Out
Why Janie Can't Suck
Why Johnny Can't Suck
Charting Forms

Consent and Release

Lactation History

Lactation Assessment

Lactation Care Plan

Pump Instructions and Milk Storage

Myths Debunked
Myth: Gadgets Always Interfere
Myth: 10 Minute Feeds
Extended Breastfeeding Non-Risk #2: Dental Caries
Top Ten Reasons for NOT Using a Pacifier
How to Make Breastfeeding Difficult
Myth: Good Babies Sleep Through

Lyme Disease

Lyme Disease is a devastating infectious disease transmitted by ticks. Lyme can be transmitted sexually, during pregnancy, and persist for very long periods, causing debilitating conditions. Diagnosis and treatment is bizarrely controversial. As of this writing (late 2009), the Lyme spirochete does not appear to survive in breastmilk, and breastfeeding mothers can be successfully treated with antibiotics.

"Under Our Skin" - Award-winning documentary Film about Lyme
Fifteenth Edition
Copyright September, 2005
Lyme Disease Association

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